• Image of Cowgirl marker drawing

Original ink and marker sketch

Prismacolor marker, ink, marker paper

Paper is 9"x12"
Not Signed. Can be signed upon request.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in my sketch & artwork yard sale! Some notes:
I do my best to describe each sketch/artwork. I have created some of these several years ago and my memory might not be the best.

If a piece is not signed, I can sign it for you if you wish. Please let me know :)

Shipping includes cost of packing, materials, and postage. I will do my best to estimate the cost of shipping. In most cases, shipping can be combined if you buy 2 or more items together :)

Since shipping varies around the globe, I will do my best to estimate. My initial estimate for shipping in the USA is $5.00USD, and global shipping (Outside the USA) is $15.00USD

If the cost you have been charged for global shipping of the item is greatly above the final cost of materials and postage, I will contact you to attempt to refund you the balance via PayPal.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to email me at hello@arondraws.com